Looking for a new job, you will immediately be overwhelmed by companies selling they have the best job for you and recruitment-agencies who will introduce you directly to their complete client-database. Finding a new job is not the problem. Finding the right job, that’s what counts.

At Het Werkstation we start with listening. Start by telling us who you are and what you really want. And what not. Which is just as important.
Whether you’re a junior, a medior or a senior, we ensure that we provide you the right opportunities based on that conversation. Additionally, we coach and guide you optimally in every phase of the process.

Let’s get straight to the point

Let’s get straight to the point: we either help you good, or we do not help you at all. Your new job determines to a large extent how your life looks like in the coming years and how you feel. So we’re not going to handle that lightly.

At Het Werkstation we tell you honestly what your chances are in today’s labour market. Even if it means something is not going to succeed. Together with you we will determine and clarify all the components that influence your decision. Is the content of the job feasible and also challenging? Are there any training and development opportunities? What are the working conditions like, now and in the future? How important is the balance between work and private for you? What role does travelling time play?

Of course we also tell you exactly what our clients are like and what you can expect from the job interviews. Who is your interview partner? What is important for them? We review your own presentation objectively and critically. What went well and what could be done better? And how?

Furthermore, we do not introduce you to companies when we don’t see the match. This prevents you from having too many conversations that lead to nothing. After all, we’re not an institution for occupational therapy.

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The choice is and stays always yours as it is your job and your future. We will help you understanding your position on the labour market and ensure we will improve your chances at the opportunities you’ll get.