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At Het Werkstation we believe in clarity. Creating that already starts very early in the collaboration with making choices. Yes or no is not a goal, but a result of a series of previous decisions of both your organization and of the candidate. At Het Werkstation, we make those clear from the first moment on and thus create clear expectations for both you and the candidate.

Understanding motivation and choice patterns in all stages of the procedure delivers maximum performance and efficiency and prevents unpleasant surprises. Therefore, we always introduce our candidates with an extensive motivation and a clear overview of all practical details such as current salary and secundary benefits, other ongoing procedures, notice period, etcetera. We assist both parties optimally at each step. We discuss every possible doubt openly and honestly, so that everyone knows where they stand and if needed can attend to this in the phase. This not only increases the chances of finding the perfect candidate, but also ensures that we do not come up with nonsense and thus wasting your time.

Het Werkstation offers the following recruitment solutions:

Based on ‘no cure, no pay’

Hiring people directly for all your permanent positions. After thoroughly discussing all details of the open position with all people involved in your organization we start searching for the right candidate.

We post your vacancy on, the available generic job boards, various social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), search CV databases and track our carefully constructed network. All candidates we introduce first have been interviewed at our office personally so we propose a complete person, not just a resume with matching keywords from someone we have never met, let alone actually know.

Urgent need for a true specialist. Covering a maternity leave or trip around the world of your permanent employee. Coping with peak loads in your team by temporary hiring extra capacity. Through our years of experience we effortlessly separate the opportunists of the specialists. Do we know where to find the people who actually help you in the temporary period, and not only shift the problem forward or cover it up with flashy consultancy-language or additional costs.

We work with a large national and international network of specialists who will be hired or contracted specifically for your job. This will always make sure that you receive the best candidate for the role because we are not distracted by a group of candidates ‘sitting on the couch’ and who can cloud judgement or increase the hourly rate.

To keep your organization flexible, you can choose not to fill the position directly with a new permanent employee with all the attached obligations for you as an employer, but to hire the right person for a certain period. The process to find the right candidate is as thorough as for regular recruitment. And we always offer the people on our payroll the same as they would have as a salary when they joined your team. Few feeds discontent faster as when you discover you paid too much and the candidate got too little. Or worse, if it turns out that there are all kinds of agencies in between and you pay the plurality of margins without having substantial benefit.

Do you want offer our interimmer or seconded employee direct employment? No problem. Again, the creation of clear expectations in every phase contributes to optimal cooperation. The sooner this is known, the sooner we can start to create optimal circumstances for this with you and our employee.

Or do you want to spread your risks as an employer and first hire a candidate for a certain period before you offer them the permanent contract. It offers you a longer time to make this important consideration than in a normal probation period.

Also in these periods we are as flexible as you want us to be, even if you change your mind halfway the period and want to employ our specialist sooner than discussed.

Based on tailormade quote

Sometimes it is necessary to unleash all options to be able to find the executive you need. Or to fill several crucial positions before a tight deadline. Het Werkstation has extensive experience in expanding the recruitment process including the development of special labour market communication, targeted media deployment, optimization of your internal (recruitment) procedures, adding assessments, coaching, and every other detail that offers us a better chance to be succesfull. We’ll take it as far as you need.

After a merger, reorganization or a change of course, your organization can encounter the situation a whole new team needs to be hired to make the new situation a success. At that point, your recruitment partner needs to help you with insights on much more than just finding the right candidate. Together we look at the desired hiring order in relation to the structure of the team, the chances of success in the labor market for the particular specialists and the effect it might have on the planning, group dynamics, political processes, personalities and so on.

Especially when the new-built team will experience a high visibility as they personify the future and the new course of your company, it’s a reassuring fact that Het Werkstation has already completed this very succesfully for several listed companies.

In-house interim recruitment begins with knowing your business partners, job holders know best what’s needed in their team. Together with the business partners we create the job profiles, post the vacancy online (corporate website and social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, StackOverflow) and proactively approach the market to look for the right candidates with all recruitment-instruments your company provides.

We handle and service the entire recruitment process, from the initial contact and the first interview, planning and attending the follow-up interviews, to succesfully closing the negotiations with the preferred candidate and informing the other candidates correctly. We ensure that everything is neatly documented in the specific recruitment system your organization uses.

In addition, of course we use our extensive network, all possible (inter)national candidate-databases and, if desired, we can extend this even further.
You can use our expertise in

  • coaching the business partners in their interview skills,
  • selecting specialized parties for recruitment or assessment,
  • negotiating contract terms,
  • reviewing the existing recruitment process and implementing the improvements,
  • conducting coaching sessions with redundant internal candidates and helping them to find a new position within, or outside, your company.
  • basicly any other detail that will enhance effective and successful recruitment.

Based on your specific needs and wishes we will be happy to specify the exact scope definition, including timeframe, budget and responsibilities, so you will get the tailormade service you deserve.

When the Dutch labour market is too small to find the right people for your organization, many questions rise when thinking about recruiting people from abroad. In which countries should I search? What are the specifics of the labour market, culture and work ethic there? In which organizations do we find the people who fit our company?

Just as important: What is a good benefit package to offer the candidate to provide an equivalent standard of living? Just applying the current foreign exchange rate is not enough, and also for the candidate it’s a very important consideration where appropriate advice and expertise will make the difference. Het Werkstation can help you with the results of worldwide wealth management reports by the leading global research organization in this field, after which it is very easy to calculate the differences even to a city-level. A big help in gaining the candidates approval.

We will attend the candidate with everything he needs to move carefree to The Netherlands, whether with family or not, so he can use his energy to start the new challenge at your company. For example, we help out finding the right house, to understand contracts, Dutch law and government documents, to arringing bicycles, childcare, employment for their partner and the first groceries they need when they arrive in their new home.

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