Not everyone has an equally good understanding of what coaching means.
Some people thinks you are going to learn tricks to ‘sell’ yourself.
Others expect some kind of woolly, idealistic story that is not consistent with today’s reality on the labour market, so practicality is far away.
Or that you only get a standard story about what to do without actually telling you how to do it, or checking whether you mastered this and see if you can really apply it in a way that suits your personality.

In many cases this is caused by bad experiences, the contents of the coaching, or by its outcome. In addition, many application tips you can find online are at least too general to make a difference in the most extraordinary and difficult labour market of them all: the IT job market.

Het Werkstation offers you exactly what you need to make a difference. We do not give you the right answer to the question, but create an understanding of what is meant by the question, how to approach that question, what works and what not, so you end up really knowing what to do to optimize your chances of success in the application process and yet still be exactly who you are.

For example, how is the relationship between your way of communicating, the way you build up your answer, your choice of words, your non-verbal behavior and how this all reaches your interview-partners. How you can tell the story based on your reference frame so that it is received in the right way inside the business and personal reference frames of the people across the table.

We take you into the dynamics of jobinterviews. Show you the traps and how you often create them yourself. How you can present yourself best without loosing who you actually are. How small details will make a difference. We tell you exactly what went well in your first interview with us, what can be improved and how it can be improved. So you end up with more confidence, more awareness and more skills at your next job interview and each one after that.

Through the coaching of thousands of candidates we have developed very specific coaching skills through which we are able to help everyone with proficient and practical coaching, regardless your position or your experience. From CIO to support employee, with the right attention and the right insights everybody has something to gain which will bring you profit in your applications.

For all candidates who will be interviewed by our clients, this coaching is an integral part of the process and our services.

But of course it is also possible to hire our expertise if you are experiencing difficulties in reaching success in your job applications. Or when you have an employee for whom you would like to do something extra to make him better prepared to enter the job market. Feel free to contact us, we’re here to help and we glady make you a suitable offer based on your specific needs and situation.

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